Freedom IS possible


Some have alleged fraud occurred during the 2020 Presidential Elections. Law suits have been filed. Charges have
been raised, and trials conducted. There was even a documentary film released in 2022, titled
2000 Mules,
which explored the topic of voter corruption.

And while it seems like we might never know for sure if there was or wasn’t voter corruption in the 2020
Presidential elections, if we act now we can be certain that the results of the next presidential election are
valid REGARDLESS of what politicians or election officials do or don’t do. And the results of our
next Presidential election can be PROVEN using the irrefutable laws of logic and mathematics. It
is important to note there is a big difference in a court of law between evidence and PROOF. The
following is how We The People can provide PROOF, not evidence.

There are three critical elements in our electoral process.

  1. Identity verification, so that only legal U.S. citizens can vote.
  2. Address verification, so that each vote is tallied in the correct voting district.
  3. Ballot certification, so that each vote is certified to be from a legal U.S. citizen who has registered to vote
    in their voting district. And counted only once.

Do you remember from your Junior High School years how many math teachers taught how you can use multiple methods of solving a math problem to verify if your answer? One method advises redoing a problem on a separate piece of paper, without looking at your work. And then just compare both answers. If both answers match, then the answer is correct. If both answers don’t match, then one of them MUST be wrong, because conflicting answers cannot both be correct.

Applying this same logic, while we might not be able prove the election results are valid, if the findings of our independent process do not match the official count of the electoral college, then one of them MUST be wrong. And if it can be PROVEN using the irrefutable laws of logic and math that OUR answer is correct, then the official election results MUST be wrong. Which, will in turn prove either: A) a mistake was made certifying the official election results OR B) election fraud has been committed.

The process of Freedom

In order for We The People to vet the vote, we simply execute the following process.

  1. At least 12 of the 20 randomly selected citizens must agree that:
    a. a person’s identity is valid and that they are a U.S. citizen.
    b. a person’s address is current and valid.
  2. Each verified U.S. citizen is then sent one, and only one, numbered voting “token” by a blockchain application. The tokens are sent in a way that is completely anonymous, and untraceable, thus ensuring voter anonymity.
  3. On voting day a participating U.S. voter uses the blockchain application on a mobile device to do the following:
    a. cast their vote using their voting “token”.
    b. take a photo of their completed official U.S. ballot after voting and upload it anonymously using the app.
  4. At least 12 of the 20 randomly selected citizens then verify the voter’s uploaded ballot and must agree that:
    a. the vote on the official U.S. ballot matches the one uploaded via the app.
  5. Simply compare the vote count from our blockchain app to the official results of the electoral college.

Steps 3 and 5 are easy enough to understand. But, the other three steps are a bit more complex. To make things easier to digest, let’s break down the remaining three steps with more detail.  A diagram of the entire proces is provided below, but it is also a bit complex. So, don’t get overwhelmed. We will break it down step-by-step below.

Step 1 - How do we verify a voter's identity?

The simple answer is, we just do exactly what we do today, but instead of having government officials verify a voter’s identity, we DECENTRALIZE the task by assigning it to multiple citizens who will either agree or disagree that the voter is who they say they are, with majority rule.

We just need to swap out government officials with a group of 20 people who are randomly selected, in much the same way a jury is selected, to act as verifiers. Then ask each of the 20 people to inspect identity documents, like birth certificate, driver’s license, and the like.

An applicant simply takes a picture of their documents using the Vet The Vote mobile app, which securely encrypts and uploads them to the blockchain. The documents are encrypted on the applicant’s mobile device, so that we can guarantee the security or the applicant’s private documents. Only the 20 randomly selected verifiers have the keys to decrypt, and thus view, the applicant’s identity documents. And a digital fingerprint is applied, using a filter, so that we will know the identity of bad actor, if they illegally distribute the voter’s identity documents.

As a quick aside, why do we randomly select 20 when only 12 are required? For the same reason many people are called in for jury duty, but only 12 are selected. We need extras in case people don’t do their task for whatever reason.

Considering potentially hundreds of government workers have access to your private documents, the method described here is arguably more secure than even the government. In order to honor all existing U.S. laws, each applicant will be required to digitally assign limited power of attorney to each of the 20 verifiers, so that they are duly authorized to verify the applicant’s citizenship using existing HUMAN processes. For example, by contacting the hospital where an applicant was born to verify their birth certificate, and so on for the applicant’s other documents.

Once at least 12 verifiers have verified the applicant’s citizenship two unique tokens are automatically minted by Vet The Vote. The first is a Citizenship token sent to the applicant, which will be theirs forever. And which can be used to prove their citizenship WITHOUT revealing their identity. In this way, a person can be verified as a Citizen, but without knowing their identity. Upon receiving their newly minted Citizenship token, the applicant can then act as a Citizen within the Vet The Vote system. Or as we like to call it, America 2.0. America 2.0 will be structured to honor all U.S. laws, but corruption free. Home of the brave, land of the free once again.

A unique Honor token is also automatically minted and sent to each of the 12 verifiers, which is theirs to keep forever and display proudly in honor of their service to our country.

Step 2 - How do we verify a voter's address?

Before every election each voter must register to vote, so that we can ensure each person’s vote is counted in their assigned district. And so that we can ensure each voter can vote once, and only once. Clearly, this is a critical step in preserving the integrity of our Republic.

In order to register to vote, each Citizen must upload records, proving they reside where they say they reside, in accordance with existing U.S Laws. Vet The Vote then follows an almost identical process as it did when verifying a Citizen’s identity. Once 12 of the 20 randomly selected people verify the Citizen’s address, the Vet The Vote system automatically verifies their citizenship, all without revealing or knowing the Citizen’s identity.

Just like in Step 1, Vet The Vote then sends a newly minted Voter token to the Citizen. The Voter token can be used ONCE AND ONLY ONCE, and only to vote for candidates, propositions, and ordinances WITHIN the Citizen’s district.

Unique Honor tokens are minted and sent to each of the 12 verifiers, which are theirs to keep forever and display proudly in honor of their service to our country.

Step 3 - How do we certify a voter's ballot?

On voting day, each Citizen should vote at official voting booths, just like we’ve always done. But, with one extra VOLUNTARY step, if they so choose.

After completing their official U.S. Ballot, and before handing it over to voting authorities, each Citizen should do two things:

  1. Complete a digital voting ballot, using the Vet The Vote app, selecting the same candidates, propositions, and ordinances as their official U.S. Ballot.
  2. Take a photograph, front and back, of their completed official U.S. Ballot using the Vet The Vote app. Vet The Vote will automatically select 20 Citizens to compare the Citizen’s digital ballot and their official U.S. Ballot. After at least 12 of 20 verifications are made, the voter’s digital ballot will be automatically certified by the Vet The Vote system.

All votes will be counted in real-time, so that we are not dependent on “news” nor officials to announce a winner. We will know who actually won, even before they do.

Unique Honor tokens are minted and sent to each of the 12 verifiers, which are theirs to keep forever and display proudly in honor of their service to our country.

Handling Of Voter Fraud

If 12 of 20 verifiers agree that a Citizen’s digital ballot does not match their official U.S. Ballot the Citizen’s digital ballot will be flagged as “invalid” and will not be counted in the vote. An encrypted secure notification will be immediately sent to the Citizen, again in a way where their identity is not reveled, nor their vote made known to anyone else.

If the Citizen is certain their digital ballot does indeed match their paper ballot, and suspects fraudulent activity by the 12 verifiers, the Citizen can tap the “Report Voter Fraud” button in the Vet The Vote app. Each of the 12 verifiers will be immediately notified of an Accusation of Voter Fraud. The Citizen can then print out a paper copy of their digital ballot and also their official U.S. Ballot to file as evidence in a duly authorized U.S. Court of Law. Once charges have been filed by the Citizen in a U.S. Court, the Citizen can then enter the criminal case number, linking it to the Accusation of Voter Fraud, in the Vet The Vote app. Two things happen at that point to resolve the matter.

  1. Vet The Vote automatically and securely sends notification to each of the 12 accused verifiers, notifying them of a Summons To Appear to answer the charge of Voter Fraud.
  2. If a verifier does not appear in the duly authorized U.S. Court of Law to answer the charge of Voter Fraud, their America 2.0 Citizenship is automatically suspended until they appear in court.

Certification Of The 2024 Presidential Election

In order to certify, or dispute, the results of the 2024 Presidential Election all votes, and source code, of the Vet The Vote system can be presented in a duly authorized court of law. In order for the results and evidence, which CAN be provided by the Vet The Vote system, to be certified the following conditions MUST be met.


More than 50% of voters registered in the 2024 United States Presidential Election MUST also:

  1. Register an account with Vet The Vote.
  2. Verify their identity and address using Vet The Vote.
  3. Cast their digital ballot using Vet The Vote on voting day in November 2024.

As long as these three conditions are met, the results of the 2024 Presidential Elections can be certified and
guaranteed to be accurate using the laws of logic and math, which are irrefutable PROOF. If hypothetically a U.S. Court rejected the evidence submitted by We The People using Vet The Vote, it would logically be concrete evidence of corruption within the U.S Court ruling on the matter.


The method described here is secured by strong military grade encryption, recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is also resistant against quantum computers. And guaranteed and by the laws of logic and mathematics. For those who might be at one end of the extreme with their beliefs, we might say it is guaranteed by the very laws present in the Universe itself. And for those who hold different beliefs, we might say it is guaranteed by Almighty God. No matter what your beliefs, which you have the right to and which we respect and would treat as sacred, this method gives us all a way to come to consensus, independent of beliefs. Which is what we believe the Founding Fathers intended.

As you can clearly see, the process described here honors all U.S. Laws and provides a way for We The People to independently verify the results of 2024 Presidential Election, and also all future elections. It does so in a way, which guarantees anonymity of votes, preserves a Citizen’s privacy and personal information, like identity and address of residence documents, and provides a way for Americans to come together to agree on the results of our next election, even if we don’t agree on politics, issues, nor desired candidates.

It provides a way for us to continue moving forward as a United country. And to minimize any future disagreement and conflicts, which might arise from accusations of voter fraud. It provides a way for EVERY American to once again trust the electoral college. And a way to KNOW that every Americans’ vote is counted, and counted accurately. It provides a way to honor not only the sacrifices made by the Founding Fathers, and by every brave soldier and service man or woman since, but also honors the vote, and thus the will, of each and every Citizen of these United States of America.

If you would like to support this work we ask you to share this information with family, friends, and all others in your life. You can also support our work by purchasing gold in exchange for Bitcoin. We think it appropriate, because Vet The Vote is inspired by Bitcoin, and based on blockchain, which is the technology Bitcoin itself is based on. For those who might not be familiar, Bitcoin is a world-wide computer system, which at its core enables billions of people around the world, with differing beliefs and interests to come to Consensus with certainty, in a way that is guaranteed by the laws of logic and mathematics. Or in other words, guaranteed by the laws of the Universe and God Almighty.