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Learn About Us

At Crypto Ninja, we wanted to create a platform that would allow business owners to accept crypto currency as a form of payment.

We saw a vast market with billions of dollars of funds at the same time businesses around us were struggling to keep doors open.

It’s almost impossible to read the news without seeing an article about crypto currency. And regardless of the negative attention, it sometimes receives, it isn’t going anywhere.

So we spent the last 3+ years building an app that does exactly that. We hope that by launching our app, that we can help generate extra money for the businesses in our community and across the United States.

We wanted to bring crypto payments to everyone, that’s why we don’t have fees for businesses to accept payments. We also understood not everyone fully understands how it works or wants to own any. And this is why we convert the crypto payments your customers use into USD to send directly to you.

As techies we continue to develop our app to ensure not only do we have cutting edge technology driving the app but the latest in security measures to ensure our users can do business with total peace of mind 24/7.

Have an idea that we can use or a project we could partner on, just let us know, the world never stops moving and neither do we.

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