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Learn About Crypto Currency

Want to learn more about Crypto Currency and the crypto currencies we currently accept?

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and BitShares (BTS) can currently be accepted by merchants who use Crypto Ninja. Over 46 million Americans presently own either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BitShares. As with any new technology, there are unknowns, but also strong incentives for merchants to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares, and other crypto currencies.

Why accept crypto currency?

More than 2,300 US businesses accept Bitcoin, according to one estimate from 2020, not including Bitcoin ATMs. More and more companies worldwide are accepting BTC, ETH, BTS, and other crypto currencies as a form of payment. According to the study, up to 40% of customer that pay with crypto are new to the merchant. Second, purchase amounts are double that of credit card purchases. Third, crypto is less expensive than credit cards. And lastly, fraud-related chargebacks are completely eliminated.


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Learn About Crypto Currency - Bitcoin

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency out there today. It is more accessible to more merchants and has more software and hardware to support it.

As a currency, Bitcoin is far more liquid, with much larger volumes than every other crypto currency option.

It also has the largest developer ecosystem with more software implementations & integrations than other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has the most entrepreneurs creating companies around it with intellect, dedication and creativity going toward making it more accessible to everyone.

As its legitimacy in the minds of mainstream consumers continues to increase, owners of Bitcoin will seek out more methods & outlets to spend it.

Let your business be one of them.

In Circulation: 18,730,375 BTC
Market Cap: $628.6 Billion USD
Americans Who Own Bitcoin: ~46 Million (14%)

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Learn About Crypto Currency - Ethereum

Ethereum is second only in popularity to Bitcoin.

Proponents of Ethereum believe its main advantage over Bitcoin is that it allows individuals and companies to do much more than just transfer money between entities.

This lead Bloomberg to recently write that it’s “The hottest platform in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains”. This has led companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Intel and Microsoft all to invest in it.

In Circulation: 116,212,198 ETH
Market Cap: $292.7 Billion USD
Americans Who Own Ethereum: ~26 Million (8%)

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Learn About Crypto Currency - BitShares

The BitShares Blockchain is an industrial-grade decentralized platform built for high-performance financial transactions.  What do we mean by “high-performance”?  BitShares transactions clear within 2-3 seconds, so you can pay at the cash register with confidence!

It represents the first decentralized autonomous community that lets its core token holder decide on its future direction and products. In contrast to other smart contracting platform, its strict focus on security and reliabilty has allowed the BitShares Blockchain to become the largest host of decentralized exchanges.

BitShares includes a decentralized asset exchange of a high-performance nature. This exchange is capable of handling the same trading volume as the NASDAQ yet settles orders the same second that they are submitted and includes features you want from your trading platform.

In Circulation: 2,994,761,971 BTS
Market Cap: $32 Million USD